I feel that my paintings are a reflection of my inner self, interests, life experiences and beliefs.

Creating our garden has been an exciting challenge so many of my paintings naturally portray my interest in garden design and conservation as seen for example in the paintings, ‘Water Plants,’ ‘Herb Pots,’ ‘Summer Flower Bed,’ ‘Butterfly on Lobelia,’ and ‘Impressions of a Spring Flower bed.’

I tend to paint in acrylics, oils and use collage materials to represent my impressions of different areas of the garden throughout the seasons. Sometimes people see images within the paintings so adding interesting and imaginative views to the pictures as seen in the painting ‘ Rudbeckia.’

The coppice and ponds that join onto our garden have been a source of inspiration for my art work having experienced walking through this landscape at different times of the day and throughout the year, for example the paintings, ‘The Rooks Return,’ ‘Transition to Winter’ and ‘ Light shining on foliage in Theaker pond.

As I have been involved in music all my life, I have enjoyed creating paintings relating to one of my favourite operas, Mozart’s ‘ The Magic Flute.’ In the paintings ‘Deer in the Forest’ and ‘Part of a bush magnified,’ different tones of yellow and green represent the vibrant colours seen in the forest and mysterious images seemed to appear as I worked on the painting, giving a feeling of depth and maybe unseen dangers?!

I find it difficult to put my art into an ‘ism’ because like life you go through different stages of development, but I know that I love this means of creativity.

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